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Over the years, our company has utilized its extensive experience to execute and correct discrepancies through a firm grasp of accounting and bookkeeping principles, resulting in incomparably accurate and reliable statements. We offer uniquely outstanding services that are perfectly suited to the requirements of modern practices.

We use methodical strategies to ensure the accuracy and correctness of your transactions, analyze and understand your data, and guarantee the long-term health of your organization. SIAA has processes, procedures and deadlines in place to ensure that reports are filed—and received by you and all appropriate parties—in time.

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Best Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Are you a business owner in the bustling UAE landscape? Whether in real estate, hospitality, eCommerce, or another business, the road to success requires teamwork. Navigating the complexities of day-to-day operations while dealing with an ever-changing regulatory landscape can be difficult. The complexities of ESR, VAT, and the recent implementation of Corporate Tax can be bewildering.Enter Square International Accounting, your steadfast ally. Square International Accounting, your trusty ally, steps in. We specialize in providing top-tier accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses of all sizes.

Accounting Services for Small Enterprises: Designed specifically for small enterprises, our services go beyond numbers. We develop strategies that are in line with your objectives, supporting strategic decision-making that propels your business forward.

Navigating Complex Financial Landscapes
Tax Accountant Near Me: No more frantic internet searches for “tax accountant near me.” We’re right there with you, offering specialist tax solutions that not only meet legal standards but also maximize your tax position.

Financial Accounting Advisory Services:
Our experienced specialists provide perspectives that go beyond the numbers. We provide you with strategic financial advice to help you succeed.
Managing Complicated Regulations
Audit Consulting Companies: The regulatory quagmire necessitates the assistance of an expert. Our audit consulting services ensure your company complies with ever-changing regulations while retaining transparency and confidence.

Partnership Firm Tax Audit: Our competence shines in the realm of partnerships. We manage tax audits with expertise, transforming what may be a time-consuming process into a chance for financial gain.

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Are you prepared to take your company to new heights? Square International Accounting is your strategic partner. From auditing to accounting, from tax compliance to advice, our complete services are tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to get started on the path to financial efficiency, compliance, and growth. Our dedication is to your success.

Afforable Monthly Accounting Packages

Includes Monthly Accounting & Bookkeeping + Mis Reporting + Quarterly Vat Filing + Year End Financial Audit + Corporate tax filing at a Very Affordable Pricing.

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Solution for All Your Accounting, Audit & Taxation Needs

Your business journey demands more than just numbers. So, It requires a partner to navigate complexities, ensure compliance, and maximize growth. Square Accounting offers tailored solutions for businesses like yours, integrating accounting, auditing, and taxation expertise.
Reduce and Save
Enhance your small business with tailored bookkeeping services. Enjoy hassle-free administration while saving money. We are the local bookkeeping company in Dubai that is always near you.
Insights and Flexibility
With our monthly eCommerce bookkeeping services, you can easily navigate the digital terrain. We are an online bookkeeping company that provides real-time analytics to make quick decisions.
Personalized Accuracy
Discover real estate bookkeeping expertise that will keep your records spotless.
As one of the best bookkeeping firms in Dubai, we tailor solutions to your needs.
Action Harmony
Streamline your operations with our bookkeeping and tax services. We combine bookkeeping and accounting, paving the way for your success.
Financial Partner of the UAE
Experience Dubai-focused bookkeeping services that reflect your goals. Trust us for reliable online accounting and bookkeeping services in the UAE.
Your Financial Navigation System
Allow Square Accounting to be your guide in the fast-paced world of business. We reduce difficulties with monthly bookkeeping solutions, allowing you to focus on what you do best: developing your business.

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AED 3000
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AED 3800
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AED 6000
*Terms and Conditions Apply.
Basic Plan
USD 1000
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*Terms and Conditions Apply.
Standard Plan
USD 1500
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Premium Plan
USD 2300
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Why Small Businesses Trust Square International?

Choose us because we provide the ultimate

Why Choose Square for Your Bookkeeping Needs?

Financial Success with Expert Accounting and Auditing Services in Dubai

Are you looking for trustworthy accounting and auditing services in Dubai? From bookkeeping to audits, Square Accounting is a trusted, long-term accounting and auditing partner. That is why we are ranked among the top ten audit firms, demonstrating our dedication to excellence. 

Our complete audit services are now available in Ajman, increasing financial transparency. Navigate the complexities of property development accounting with precision, assuring compliance and accurate reporting. Our accessible audit office stands ready to address your financial concerns. 

Square Accounting customized services aligned with the UAE’s regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and efficiency. With Square Accounting, you gain more than just accounting and auditing services; you gain a strategic partner committed to your financial triumph.

We fuel the growth of contracting companies with seamless financial solutions. Our comprehensive audit services extend to Ajman, enhancing financial transparency. Whether it’s bookkeeping, auditing, or specialized accounting solutions, we’ve got you covered. Connect with us today to embark on a journey of financial excellence.

Providing comprehensive accounting, auditing, and tax consultation services tailored to meet the unique needs.

SIAA -Your Trusted Accounting Partner in Dubai

Are you a business owner in Dubai seeking efficient bookkeeping, accounting, and tax solutions? Look no further! Square International is a leading accounting and auditing company, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses like yours.

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